Dip and Dive

Added July 16, 2014 by user
Sometime called “Duck and Dive”. Top couple passes under an arch formed by the second couple. Top couple then form an arch and pass over the next couple and so on down the line


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Back to Back. Two dancer face each other pass right shoulder, move to the right and return to place passing left shoulder

Grand Chain

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In a square set or big ring: Face partners, give right hand and pass by, give left hand to next and pass by, continue usually for 4 or 8 changes

Strip the Willow

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In a longways set dance: – The top couple right arm turn one and a half times to face the person on the opposite side of the line – The couple left arm turn with the facing person on the line until top couple meet again in the middle – Top couple...

Thread the Needle

Added June 21, 2015 by user
Longways sets, all Join hands along the lines, couple at the bottom of the set also join up to make a horseshoe. First part: Ladies thread the needle: Top lady leads through the raised arms of the top and second man and back to place, dragging the whole horseshoe with...