Circassian Circle

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All in one big ring facing centre, women to the right of their partners

Dance Notes

Level: Beginner
Dance Length:
Dance Type:

Collected by Maud Karpeles, Northumberland

Dance Parts

A1 (1 - 2) All into the centre and back out, twice
A1 (3 - 4) Repeat
A2 (5 - 6) Women into the center and back out
A2 (7 - 8) Men into the center and back outm,turning to their left to take a new partner
B1 (9 - 12) Swing new partner, contrary
B2 (13 - 16) Promenade new partner around the circle


Dance Length:
Dance Type:

Example Tunes

Christine the Camel
Upton upon Severn Stick Dance

Dance Appears in the following:

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